The Beers

Awards from SIBA

Bushy’s brews a wide range of real ales at the Mount Murray Brewery, from refreshing ‘session’ ales to the glorious Oyster Stout – Yes! With real oysters. If your local takes guest beers, ask your landlord to get in touch with his UK suppliers – they may be able to put Bushy’s Real Ales on your bar!

The Manx Collection is an exclusive set of Bushy’s connoisseur brews that feature people or events from the island’s colourful, illustrious past.

All the beers are a result of extensive testing and tasting and, like all Bushy’s Ales, each offers a unique style and flavour. 12 brews are planned for the collection, the brews in the set, described below, have already found a loyal following and many drinkers have been contacting the brewery for brewing dates!


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