Bushy’s on The Rock

Gibraltar Bottled Beer

Eight Years after the launch of Bushy’s Gibraltar Barbary Beer in the colony, the brew has found a sizeable following amongstl ale drinkers on the the Rock. The bottled beer – a partnership between the Manx brewers and the Gibraltarian Importers Lewis Stagnetto, is proving very popular with locals and visitors alike.

The unique selling point on the beer is the fact the brew is made with hops grown locally at the Alameida Botanic Gardens. The dedicated team at the gardens agreed to grow a selection of aroma hops, which after a bit of trial and error seem to have adapted to the Mediterranean climate! A big thank you to Mark Podesta for looking after the plants and the Gardens boss John Cortes for letting him do it!

In 2004 a special limited edition beer was available on the Rock to mark the 300th anniversary of the British Colony, which was celebrated throughout the year. The bottles, tagged with a special neck label, were also supplied for the Gib celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in London in 2005.

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