New beers celebrate Manx culture

Manx culture is as diverse as any other nation. We have the world’ oldest parliament in Tynwald. We have our own national flag, because we are not part of the UK, and that’s what Bushy’s new Triskelion Bitter clip features. The beer, a hoppy refreshing ale, has a really complex taste, but not being beer bores here, suffice to say it’s delicios. Manxies at home won’t get the chance to taste the other new brew, Faerie Bridge, as it’s an export-only beer. Featuring the rascally Manx Faeries, drinkers can mock at their peril; say hello at the Faerie Bridge or woe betide you… (What are you laughing at? Some people belive in Tony Blair & George Bush and we don’t laugh at them!)

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