The Man from Warminster Maltings, he says YES!!!

Bushy’s brewery has turned the clock back over half a century by becoming the first Manx brewery to use Manx grown barley it its beers. We’ve tried for a few years to make this happen, but the different farmers have hit snags along the way, meaning the cereal wasn’t up to the exacting standards required by our maltsters at Warminster.
That has now changed with the crop grown by Pentti Christian from Ellerslie farm who have done the business and met the standards.
It really did feel like the old “Delmonte” advert when we sent off our samples for testing, and thankfully this year, instead of getting the thumbs down signal that we’ve had for the last 4 years, this year he said YES!
Curly, the Bushy’s head brewer has given the Manx batch his seal of approval, declaring it “top notch” and using it in all his brews, in differing amounts.
There are now several crops growing at different locations, and Pentti is planning to keep us supplied with as much Manx barley as we can use. Well done and thanks.

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